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Smart Choice Real Estate is licensed under the Real Estate Agent Act 2008, all agent are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct 2012 (pdf 151KB)

Real Estate Act and Regulations

Buyers and Selling Guide , Agency Agreement guide , and Sales and Purchase guide are all avaliable to view and download at the bottem of this page. 


Complaints Process

 In - House Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure

The following process is the in- house procedure for addressing any concerns you may have in relation to the actions made by any staff or representative of smart Choice Real Estate  Limited. We aim to investigate and resolve any issues in a timely manner.

Email:             Phone: 022 4584 165 

1. Phone Complianz Consulting 2010 Limited and inform them of the situation and representative/s you are concerned about.
2. Advise them of what you would like to have done about the matter.
3. They may ask to have your complaint in writing so it can be investigated further.
4. The representative/s involved will be approached to explain their position
5. A response will be given (by phone and /or writing) acknowledging the findings within 10 working days.
6. You may request to meet with management and the representatives involved discussing the situation and coming to a satisfactory conclusion.
7. If you are not willing to meet with the party involved then we will provide a written proposal to resolve the complaint.
8. You will be asked to respond to the proposal either acknowledging agreement, or non acceptance in writing within 10 working days.
9. Should we agree to your resolution or you to our proposal, we agree to implement that resolution as soon as possible.
10. If no solution can be agreed upon we can invite an independent mediator to help reach a decision.
11. If either party declines mediation or no resolution is reached, this process is at an end.

Please note that while Smart Choice Real Estate Limited endeavour to provide you with a satisfactory answer to your problem and appreciate the opportunity to settle any concerns in- house, you can approach The Real Estate Authority with your complaint at any time, whether or not you have addressed our office in the first instance.

The Real Estate Authority                  
c/-PO Box 25 371                                          
Wellington 6146                                              
New Zealand 
Phone: 0800 367 732

Real Estate Authority Complaints Process

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Postal address: Po Box 30, Huntly 3700

Fax:07 828 6332

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